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Shoulder Pain – Shoulder Dislocation

Adam called Bodyreform following shoulder pain he sustained from bench press at the gym. Unfortunately, Adam shoulder dislocated but relocated into place very quickly by itself.

On initial assessment, Adam presented with moderate instability at his shoulder joint, shoulder pain, shoulder weakness and a possible rotator cuff tear. His shoulder blade muscles were not working in the correct timing.

Treatment consisted of muscle strengthening to ensure his shoulder joint stayed in the socket well, which reduced his painful shoulder.

Rehabilitation can takes months following a shoulder dislocation. Adam worked hard on the progressive shoulder blade and rotator cuff exercise to enable him to return to full duties at work. He needed to reduce his work duties as he found it difficult to work with his arm overhead. This lasted three months only.

Slipped Disc – Herniated Disc – ‘My back gone out’

Marcus arrived at Bodyreform Physiotherapy Clinic in Grey Lynn with back pain.  He felt his back had ‘gone out’, and was worried he had slipped a disc or his disc had herniated.

Marcus was unable to stand straight without back pain. His hips were pushed out to the side and he felt he walked oddly. He suffered from back pain and pins and needles which radiated right down his left leg to his foot.

Clinical tests confirmed he was suffering from an slipped disc, which may have bulged, causing him to not stand straight and have leg pain.

We have 27 spinal vertebrae, in-between each bone sits a disc, which is 80% water.  When we sleep at night, the disc rehydrate. Every disc has a ligament which sits around it, keeping all the water inside.  It is common to have an annular ligament weakness or tear.  This can cause significant spine stiffness and pain and it may feel like our backs are not in alignment, or ‘my back is out’!.

Marcus felt confident with our assessment and progressed to having treatment to re-correct his spine shift.  His spine became straight again very quickly. We progressed to rehabilitation using Real-Time Ultrasound to assess and teach Marcus his deep stomach abdominal muscles.  This married with specific back exercises resulted in a pain-free and back Marcus could manage independently.

Early treatment, manual therapy and back pain rehabilitation is key to a speedy and successful back pain management Programme.

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